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Lisa Lust List In Limerick !

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Posted on March 05 2018

Lisa’s Lust List is a firmly established social media destination on Irelands fashion scene. Lisa, herself, being one of us straight talking Irish women, shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is. We all love this type of straight talking and this is just one of the reasons why Lisa is now one of Irelands top fashion influencers. We all like to hear it as it is and its always comforting to follow trust worthy inspiration with confidence. Lisa’s Lust List certainly provides that. A flair for style and proud to do it her way is all part of her massive success.

We recently took part in Lisa’s Lust List Live Limerick show and we all had a great time. Of course, & Virgo Boutique just love putting on the style and we jumped at the chance to participate in Lisa’s show. We previewed from our SS/18 collections. We are featuring our Lisa’s Lust List previews here for you all to catch up with. We included our:

Hazel Floral Print Dip Hem Navy Dress

dress - virgo boutique

This is a beautiful dipped hem style, floral occasion wear dress. Fabulous neckline with that lovely off the shoulder trend for SS/18.

Next up for the Lisa’s Lust List catwalk was our: Leasha Floral Print Midi Dress

dress - virgo boutique

This is our summer chiffon dream. It has that floaty, luxury charm which portrays that relaxed sophisticated look whilst keeping its charm appeal.

Lisa’s Lust List teamed up with Mandy Maher from The Catwalk Modelling Agency to bring this Lisa’s Lust List Live event to the Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa in Limerick. You might know Mandy from her appearances on TV3.

We are sure you all know, but for the few who don’t, let’s have a recap on Lisa’s Lust List, exciting, fashion stylist influencer’s fast track to fame. Lisa Mc Gowan comes from Tullamore in Co. Offally. Lisa was an insurance broker with a passion for fashion. She is also mother to son Darragh

Lisa launched her Lisa’s Lust List Facebook page in 2015 after winning Ladies Day at Limerick racecourse. According to media reports she loved fashion soooooo much that her father took her credit card off her at one point LOL.

Getting back to the catwalk another of our previews at the Lisa’s Lust List event in Limerick was our Holly Red Crochet & Velvet Jumpsuit

jumpsuit - virgo boutique

Looking absolutely stunning in our amazing vibrant red jumpsuit, which has a crochet lace cape affect with a subtle, stylish velvet neckline and delicate velvet bow detail to the front.

lisa lust list

Sneaky peak at all eight of our SS/18 previews on the night.

Next up on the catwalk was our figure flattering Phoebe Pink Two Piece>

lisa lust list

We love Phoebe, this is classic glamour at its best. Beautiful off the shoulder styling with a belt and standout peplum accentuating both the waistline and the hips in a way we all love. The pencil skirt design is flattering to all shapes. Adorable!

Back to the lovely Lisa’s Lust List. As we previously said, Lisa launched her Facebook page in 2015 and had a tremendous following almost straight away but that following then spiralled when she won Best Dressed Lady at Galway races in 2016. Lisa wore a dress co designed with fabulous Irish fashion designer Shauna Fay, who, just very recently designed a dress for Rachel Clerkin who wore the dress to The Golden Globe Awards. Rachel visited Shauna in her Northern Ireland studio and helped in the design creation of the dress. Shout out to Shauna on her fab creation and helping to keep Irish style on the fashion map globally.

Lisa had decided that she had such a positive reaction to her ensemble at Galway races in 2015, on her Lisa’s Lust List Facebook page that she would go for the same colour scheme again which had been, silver tulle, cream and feather hat. That colour scheme did indeed prove to be a

winner for Lisa and she won the title. Lisa was absolutely thrilled at her win, but, there were some who were not so happy about it. Whilst the majority on her Lisa’s Lust Live Facebook page were delighted for Lisa and sent her heartfelt congratulations on her win, a minority were not and turned to cyber bullying. Lisa being the straight talker that she is, didn’t take it lying down and shot back at them straight from the hip. Here are some media quotes/reports on this from that time –

"It won't end unless you do something about it," she told the Irish Independent last night.

"I've had so many messages from victims, I'd had enough, and decided to speak out," she added.

The insurance broker spoke about the comments when she appeared on 'Today with Sean O'Rourke' yesterday morning.

"I feel I need to say this, please anybody out there whether male or female, if you've nothing good to say about anybody, don't say it," she said.

"That's why we have anorexia, depression and self harm out there."

And –

“To all of you cyber bullies out there... P**S OFF AND GET A LIFE. Would you like to be on the receiving end?

“I'm thick skinned and I'm laughing at the good of it, me and my A cups. No chance of them drooping it's me fat ass I'm worried about.”

Ms McGowan said she feared for other women who may fall victim to online trolling and may not be able to handle the abuse.

“I'll be forgotten about tomorrow and some other poor unfortunate will be at the receiving end of it tomorrow.”

She explained: “Lots of other girls are more sensitive so F**KING THINK before you unleash your nastiness on your keypad. Self-Harm, depression, anorexia, suicide...Yep lots of you HARMING others out there with your comments!!!!!”

We say well done to Lisa for telling it like it is and refusing to take the abuse. The bullies didn’t win, and Lisa’s Lust List continued to grow from strength to strength.

Lisa’s Lust List is always advising people to stay positive and its approach is very uplifting for those following. Here is a recent Instagram picture of Lisa at the Gym and she certainly has no qualms about telling it or showing it as it is. This is down to earth refreshing honesty –

lisa lust list

Here is the Lisa’s Lust List Instagram post that went with the picture –

My followers over on FB asked me to post this... we’re all sick of the Filtered Gym Photos on Social MediA.. Are we afraid of showing sweat? Is that not what happens your body when you exercise.. Here’s my unfiltered picture after a workout.. 30km done at advanced spin class in the gym and yes my doctor tells me at 45 I’ve the resting heart rate of a professional athletic. Are we as Influencers not supposed to inspire others with REAL images instead of showing unrealistic expectations??? When I go to the gym I go to work up a sweat and I certainly can’t do that posing taking selfies at the mirror #keepitreal real #selfie #fitness #fitnessmotivation #nopose #keepitreal #unfiltered #loveyourbody #inspire #lifestyleblogger #fitnessmotivation #fit #gym #womenempowerment ❤️

We love hearing about empowerment, its something we should all strive for. Its great watching all the different empowering movements popping up globally being led by women for women. Yes, its great to get all dressed up and enjoy our glamour and occasions and that in itself is empowering when we do it to please ourselves, but we must also look after our well-being, emotionally and physically.

Out of the Gym and back to the Catwalk. Next up at Lisa’s Lust List Limerick event our - Chloe Off Shoulder Skater Dress with Lace Panels

lisa lust list

This dress is simply divine. With intermittent lace panelling and cinched waistband, dipped hemline with fab swing styling, it’s the perfect SS/18 occasion wear dress.

Next up was our Juliet Blue Retro Flared Sleeves Dress

lisa lust list

This dress is for the confident lady, who loves to stand up and be noticed. This bold retro print certainly stands out in a crowd.

We then previewed our Isadora Halter Neck Polka Dot 2-in-1 Dress

lisa lust list

Halter Neck AND Polka Dots a real WOW style combination. Dipped hemline and side pocket detail complete this look.

Lisa’s Lust List AKA Lisa McGowan has no qualms about being a 45yr old style icon, influencer, dressing to please herself. Lisa is a confident, happy lady and enjoys life. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to say it, if she doesn’t like it.

Here are a few quotes and thoughts from Lisa in a recent RSVP article: - “I’m 45,” Lisa states with pride. “I’m in my mid-40s and I’m the most comfortable in myself I’ve ever been.” It is this easy yet real confidence that has endeared Lisa to Irish women around the country. “There shouldn’t be an age where you wonder if you’re too old, or an idea that now you’re 40 you should be getting Botox or fillers. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my 40s. I was always striving for something in my 30s and I was insecure in my 20s. I was worried about boyfriends in my teens. I’m happy now – and I’m successful at 40.” For Lisa, her success with Lisa’s Lust List, has finally made her feel successful in her own right. She says: “I’m thrilled that something I love so much has taken off because I feel the rest of the family have done so well for themselves. Now something I love is going really well for me and I’m so happy.”

The beautiful brunette represents the modern Irish woman in her 40s, who far from being left behind in the style stakes, has disposable income

to spend on fashion and wants to spend it. She says: “Other influencers have said to me, ‘Lisa you have a niche; in the 18-25 market, we’re all out there fighting for people to be interested in us, but we’re all the same’. They tell me, ‘You’re different to the rest of us. Your demographic is 30-plus and has a disposable income; people follow you, we don’t have very few, if any, promoting the independent boutiques and designer. It was all high street fashion I suppose, and I went a different route. I am a boutique shopper myself and I have the disposable income so there was nobody doing what I did at that time and it took off fast.”

This leads us to our Last catwalk preview at the Lisa’s Lust List Limerick event our Arlette Gold and Blue 2 in 1 Midi Dress and talking of age isn’t the lady modelling the outfit sensational – Pat Mulcahy

lisa lust list

The Arlette dress in luxury blue and gold, with jacquard skirt and high neck line adds just that extra little bit of class to any occasion.

We have saved the best for last ladies. SHE DID IT. Yes Lisa’s Lust List AKA Lisa McGowan Has won Irelands Influencer of The Year 2018.

We send our warmest congratulations to Lisa. It has been some journey for her. We leave the last word with the lady herself.

lisa lust list

Pinch me lads!!! 2018.. It’s been some hell of a start, I change my profile picture as I create memories and this is HUGE for me. Thank you all all for voting in your thousands for me... The tears are never far away from me, they’re in my eyes again in this shot but they’re happy tears this time...I may stick around now cause it looks like ye like me ❤️ Influencer of the Year 2018